In 2019, Books with Badges opened it's Main Office in St. Clairsville, OH.  This new space is being utilized for organizational planning, youth mentorship, and student tutoring.  Our goal is to continue helping students attain self-confidence and educational growth. 


In order to reach this goal, we will be recruiting a diverse group of Mentors and Tutors who possess a variety of experiences and skill sets.  The new organization expansion will give students a better opportunity to connect with someone who may have similar interests and experiences.  This will also provide a positive platform for volunteers to connect with the youth in various communities.  Our mission is to provide a facility and resources for those who devote themselves to community service, selfless acts of care, and continuous efforts to improve the quality of life for others. 


Preferred Skills:

  • Art

  • Athletics

  • Communication

  • Education

  • Fitness

  • Leadership

  • Music 

  • Recreation

Position RequireMENTS:

  • Maintain a professional demeanor. 

  • Maintain a positive attitude.

  • Show respect and concern for others.

  • Demonstrate confidence and leadership. 

  • Be of good moral character. 

  • Be willing to invest time into the youth. 

  • Be able to adapt and plan accordingly 

  • Be able to encourage and inspire others.  


  • Submit the online application. 

  • Application Review.

  • Panel Interview (if position requirements are met). 

  • Follow-Up Conference Call. 



We are currently seeking organized, effective, and enthusiastic volunteers to join our new Community Outreach Team (COT).  These volunteers will help establish stronger ties with communities and work with resources to ensure successful growth.  The COT will be performing tasks including, but not limited to: volunteer recruitment, program development, and event promotions.  This team will also assist with event planning, mentorship programs, and contributor outreach.  

Preferred TRAITs:

  • Committed 

  • Dependable

  • Enthusiastic 

  • Innovative

  • Organized

  • Positive Attitude

  • Team-Oriented


  • Submit the online application. 

  • Application Review.

  • Panel Interview. 

  • Follow-Up Conference Call. 

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With our program continuing to expand into new communities and schools districts, we are searching for individuals to serve as a Liaison Officer for their respective area.  It is our goal to build a positive relationship with communities, and provide an additional platform for the great work they are continuously doing.  


Preferred candidates include, but are not limited to: Law Enforcement Officers, Fire/EMS Personnel, Educators/Librarians, and Community Outreach Leaders.  If interested in becoming a Liaison Officer on behalf of Books with Badges, please submit your online application below. 


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