​The "3 on 3 Classroom Classic" is the second Books with Badges fundraiser of the year. Tournament earnings will be used to purchase classroom supplies for children, as well as, fund youth clothing vouchers. If you would like to become a sponsor or partner, details can be found on the following link:


  • ALL players and referees are expected to treat one another with respect.

  • ANY form of misconduct will result in the player and/or team being ejected.

    • Ejection WILL disqualify the player and/or team from the tournament.   


  • $60 team registration fee. 

  • Registration fees are due on the day of the tournament. 

  • Team registrations submitted after the deadline will not be entered in the tournament. 


  • Minimum of 3 players per team. Maximum of 4 (substitute). 

  • Teams must have all men players. 

  • Players must be the age of 18 or older. 


  • A minimum of 3 players must be present to start an official game.

    • If less than 3 players are present, the game will be declared a forfeit. 

  • Games are played on half court.

  • Each game will be to 25 points or 15 minutes long. Team must win by 2 points.

  • Game will be scored by 1’s and 2’s. 

  • There will be a 12 second shot clock. 

  • There is no jump ball to start the game. 

  • Teams will shoot for first possession. 

  • First possession will be the home team. 

  • Home team is determined by a coins toss.

  • Substitutions may be made after a basket or an out of bounds call. 

  • After a made basket, the team that was on defense will start at the top of the key.

    • There is no make-it-take-it.

  • On defensive rebounds or steals, players must return the ball by dribble or pass across the three point line before a basket may be attempted. Once across the line, they do not have to pass the ball before shooting.

  • Each team is granted (2) 30-second timeouts.

  • If the game ends in a tie after regulation time there will be a 1-minute overtime period.

    • Possession will be determined by the home team shooting for ball. 

  • Teams are responsible for keeping track of the score throughout the game.

    • The score should be announced prior to every checking of the ball.